About Us

Yewno helps people research and understand the world. We build knowledge discovery software and services, leveraging machine learning, computational linguistics, and a vast reservoir of information from the most respected content providers in the world.

The technology underlying our products began as academic research in applied mathematics. The goal was to best understand political, economic, financial, and social data. It was market tested in the biotechnology industry to identify potential treatments for rare diseases, creating dramatically higher success rates than possible through the manual work of a team of scientists.

In 2014, Yewno was born when founder Ruggero Gramatica was invited by Stanford’s Vice Provost and University Librarian Michael Keller to introduce this technology to the wider research and educational community, and to evolve research and search models in a multidisciplinary setting. Today, the Yewno Discover platform transforms the research experience into creative, organic discovery that makes researchers, scholars, students, and teachers more efficient — and invites them to be more curious and explore more deeply.

Yewno Discover is used at leading universities and libraries around the world, including Stanford University, University of Notre Dame, and the Bavarian State Library. Our product portfolio continues to expand. Yewno Unearth supports needs of publishers and content curators. We have products tailored for the Finance and Life Sciences markets in the pipeline, as well.

Headquartered in Redwood City, California, and with offices in New York and London, Yewno is backed by prominent investors, including Pacific Capital. For more information on Yewno and our growing product portfolio, please reach out to hello@yewno.com.