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We know the hard work you do to support the success of your research, learning, and teaching communities.

Yewno Discover is designed to help increase the visibility of your library’s collections and services, and to enhance the value that you bring to your patrons.

A next-generation research application that provides unique discoverability properties, Yewno Discover dramatically transforms the research process. It is not just keyword indexing with a relevancy ranking — instead, Yewno’s advanced algorithms apply computational linguistics to full-text books, book chapters, journals, journal articles, and databases. Yewno Discover is built to create granular connections where they might otherwise be missed. It is a sophisticated and user-friendly visual platform that offers users unprecedented insight into interdisciplinary research, representing a significant advance in the landscape of research tools. Yewno Discover treats search inquiries as signposts toward new ways of thinking about scholarly questions and, more importantly, scholarly solutions.

Students conducting research have found new connections that are helping them to learn what questions they need to be asking and where they can find the answers.

Cheryl McGrath

MacPháidín Library

Stonehill College



Increase Your Collection’s Value and Reach: Increase the usage of materials in your collections that are overlooked by traditional search services.

Support Your Researchers’ and Students’ Success: Introduce your community to a visual and innovative way to intuitively explore the library — and produce better scholarship.

Facilitate all levels of research discovery: From students just starting to explore the library to faculty seeking to explore your holdings in a more robust manner, Discover offers a new and exciting way forward.

Easy Implementation: As a cloud-based application, Yewno Discover is lightweight, and won’t interfere with any of the library’s existing discovery services. With a simple plug-and-play website widget, Discover quickly and seamlessly integrates into your library’s platforms — without disrupting your workflow.


Faster understanding: More than just the “first page of results,” Discover is a visual, and highly efficient, method for library patrons, allowing them to get an overview of the full scholarly landscape with a single search query.

Easy interdisciplinary exploration: Research across disciplines and among resources is a serendipitous and seamless activity. Discover is especially valuable to specialized researchers. Because it can identify unforeseen relationships across disciplines, it is unique in its ability to forge new paths in scholarship.

Improved search results: With search results that feature millions of independent datasets interacting with one another — and not simply findings based on a keyword search — Discover ensures that search isn’t simply an SEO game.

Intuitive experience: Frustrated researchers who struggle to navigate between databases, tabs, lists, and pages of resources will now find the discovery experience easy and natural. Without leaving the search results page, Discover users can navigate from one topic to another, while reviewing and evaluating relevant articles and books as they go.

The result is a new type of collection exploration application that works alongside existing discovery products to supplement a library’s existing tools and services. Whether your library supports a small liberal arts college or a major research institution, you can offer this innovative new service to support your institution’s success — without the administrative and technical overhead you may have come to expect. Yewno Discover is a clear win for libraries and users.

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