Successful adoption of Yewno Discover has led to increased discoverability for publishers’ content. Discover has transformed hundreds of millions of articles and books into a network of connected concepts and documents. The Unearth product provides publishers with an equally sophisticated concept mapping and hierarchy of their own content at the title-level and across a portfolio. It is a transformational exploration tool that has the potential to optimize operations, accelerate sales, and inform planning.

Unearth enhances categorization

Using advanced AI algorithms, Yewno Unearth mirrors the way language evolves, and automatically creates new topics and concepts as they’re introduced into academic literature. No longer tied to a static taxonomy, Yewno Unearth provides an accurate and efficient way to update metadata. With chapter-level granularity, Unearth creates more accurate and targeted information than ever before.

Unearth informs acquisitions

With Unearth’s sophisticated analytics, editors can better understand trends in publishing and identify gaps in their portfolios. In addition, Unearth demonstrates the relevance of existing content to new authors and clients, improving content acquisition bids while guiding strategic publishing initiatives.

Unearth refines marketing

With Unearth, marketing teams can determine content’s topic granularity and the key concepts emphasized therein. They can use that knowledge to match it to relevant markets. Books, individual book chapters, journals, and journal articles can be effortlessly clustered in promotions in novel ways — resulting in more intelligent campaigns targeted at the most receptive audiences. Content mapping for university courses is now easier than ever.

Unearth transforms institutional sales and e-commerce

Yewno Unearth’s unique content mapping allows sales teams to access detailed information about a publisher’s output — from journals and books to databases and archives. Sales teams can provide customers with detailed information about gaps in their collections, greatly shortening the sales cycle. Whether responding to a library’s request for content in a specific discipline, or proactively creating promotions to meet the needs of a university’s newest programs, Yewno Unearth provides a sales representative with an accurate holdings assessment in seconds.

Unearth advances internal efficiencies

Unearth enables editors to more easily and accurately communicate the content of a title to marketing and sales. Societies and partners will now have more granular detail about the research emerging from their publications, allowing them to seamlessly compare that information to a wider portfolio of titles. Yewno Unearth presents a more complete — and previously unseen — picture of a publisher’s portfolio of work. Collaboration and communication among departments will advance business efficiencies and drive sales results.


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