Working with hundreds of professionals from the industry, Yewno develops products that serve academic publishers on multiple levels.

The Discover product, aimed at educational institutions and libraries, increases the discoverability of participating publishers’ content and finds new audiences from individuals engaging in serendipitous research. Inspired by the mapping capabilities of content through Discover and the use of AI, several publishers have worked closely with Yewno in the development of Unearth.

Using cutting-edge AI technology, Unearth creates a topical hierarchy that allows publishers to understand and view topic, subtopic, and conceptual relationships within their own content at a chapter, title, article, or portfolio level. This facilitates detailed categorization and cataloging, and provides essential insights to editorial, marketing, and sales teams to best understand and communicate their content to the larger academic community. Yewno Unearth enables publishers to become more relevant and efficient quickly, cost effectively, and with greater accuracy.

Learn how publishers and content curators succeed with Yewno Unearth.