Yewno Biomedical

Yewno Biomedical uses data-driven analysis and innovative machine-learning algorithms to create a research tool that models the behavior of complex biosystems. It makes the unknowable knowable.

In biomedical research, information is everywhere. The challenge for scholars and researchers is that information can be extremely fragmented, occasionally contradictory, and dispersed throughout thousands of public and private databases, across multiple platforms.

Traditional research tools cannot handle the interplay of disparate factors, phenomena, and trends within the life sciences. They overlook the complexity of the field in the aggregate. They are manually intensive, operate in silos, and cannot tackle research holistically.

How we overcome those limitations is the question. Yewno Biomedical is the answer.

The Technology

Over the past decades, a number of mathematical techniques have been developed to analyze the local- and globally-emergent properties of biomedical research and life sciences. Beginning with millions of structured — and unstructured — data points, Yewno Biomedical produces an easily accessible, user-friendly knowledge representation.

With a machine learning-based set of algorithms, this versatile mathematical tool can demonstrate relationships and interactions among biological entities in complex, unique, and profound ways.

Yewno Biomedical gives researchers new opportunities in the study of complex biomedical systems. By forming connections that researchers may not have detected the “old-fashioned” way, it helps us venture into unexpected and novel lines of inquiry, paving the way for further investigation and innovation.

Intelligent Framework

The Yewno Biomedical Intelligent Framework is a true “next generation” research tool. It is the only comprehensive tool available today to model the behavior of complex bio-systems.  It uses Computational Linguistics, Neural Networks, Machine Learning, and Graph Theory to provide insight into the world of biomedical work.

With Yewno, you can explore the world’s hard or marginal evidence — from biological pathways and biochemical interactions to pharmacodynamics. With Yewno, you can take your research in directions never thought possible.

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