Yewno Discover

A new kind of visual knowledge discovery product for research and learning, that helps students and researchers spark new ideas and explore interdisciplinary fields to create better research output.

This changes the world. It is a huge difference from all the typical search environments we see now… I believe that the Yewno technology will enhance research in ways we can only begin to imagine.

Michael Keller

Vice Provost, Academic Council, Stanford University Libraries

Stanford University

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Increase the visibility and use of your collections with deeper search — beyond keywords.

Support your researchers’ and students’ success.

Support your institution’s interdisciplinary initiatives.

Facilitate all levels of research discovery, from students writing essays to faculty and researchers seeking to plumb the depths of their fields.

A simple set-up with a plug-and-play widget — instruction for Discover is quick and easy.


Understand the full context of your research in a visual map — explore your interests and discover new scholarship more efficiently.

Intuitively gain familiarity in interdisciplinary fields.

Save time in gathering robust resources for new papers, journal articles, and books.

Seamless and convenient access to full articles, books, and other open sources — as well as connections to your library’s resources.

Explore helpful features, such as annotation and export, to enhance research, paper exploration, or curriculum development.

Many leading schools and libraries are already supporting their campus’ success with Yewno Discover:

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Yewno Discover is built on our unique core technology, which maps 600 million semantic connections among concepts extracted from full-text academic resources. Those connections link to over 120 million scholarly articles, books, and database assets — and the number of resources at your fingertips continues to grow every day.

Discover allows researchers and learners to easily and intuitively explore a visual set of connections across a comprehensive research landscape, even in unfamiliar interdisciplinary fields.  It is a highly effective method for discovering resources that might have otherwise been overlooked, and ensures that users experience comprehensive and credible coverage on any topic.  Discover also ensures that users can instantly connect into the full articles and source materials they find by syncing with a library’s existing search tools and platforms.

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