Yewno Finance

Yewno Finance

Yewno Finance’s powerful cross-domain analytics offer analysts and finance professionals insight that dramatically improves decision-making and business results.

In today’s world, economic, financial, social and political institutions are increasingly inter-related and changes are happening faster than ever.

Global economic dynamics, geopolitical changes, innovations in technology, large scale socioeconomic trends, and countless other factors are making analysis and decision-making more and more difficult.


Whether you are an analyst, asset manager, investor, or business executive, Yewno Finance brings visibility and a way to measure the hidden relationships among complex interactions. It quantifies previously unquantifiable and unrelated relationships to dramatically improve decision-making and business results.

Intelligent Data Packages

Yewno Finance’s intelligent data packages leverage multiple hybrid data sources to deliver unique information across many dimensions of knowledge. The offering includes:

Political Stability Data Package: Data related to political stability of target regions considering key measures such as: (i) rule of law; (ii) control of corruption; (iii) migration fear, and; (iv) policy uncertainty.

Country Risk analytics:  Data including companies’ financial, economic, and political exposure across 200+ countries.


Concept-based Indexes

Yewno indexes help identify investable assets that best replicate socio-economic, political and environmental trends and their impact on the world’s economies and markets.

The result is a suite of powerful and trackable concept-based indexes including:

Political Instability Indexes
The Yewno Political Instability Index provides visibility to regional political risk, thereby providing a mechanism for hedging against political shifts and instabilities.

Mega-Trends and Thematic-Indexes
Transformative forces such as digitization of the economy, the Internet of Things, renewable energy, and automation/robotics are key trends changing the way the global economy operates and how companies do business.

Smart-Beta Indexes
Systematic strategies that provide superior risk-adjusted returns based on unique corporate data beyond balance-sheet statistics including ESG indicators, supply chain networks, litigation analytics, and patent activity.

Yewno Unearth+

Yewno Unearth+ provides a cloud-based solution to support your decision making processes. Its analytics engine hunts relevant information from vast amounts of hybrid data to provide timely interpretation and summarization of relevant documents, events and indicators.

By collecting and processing millions of unstructured (financial reports, news, economic outlooks) and structured data from economic, financial and socio-political sources, relevant indicators are derived to identify the elements of information that can explain observed phenomena.

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